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Blue Chip Auto Glass Free Mobile ServiceAside from choosing an auto glass shop that has professionally trained auto glass technicians, the brand of auto glass that you end up with is probably the most important thing you should consider before having your auto glass repaired. Like many other products in the marketplace, there are multiple brands of auto glass available for a given make and model of vehicle. The unfortunate thing is that most consumers aren't aware of this and most auto glass companies don't disclose this information to their customers.

At Blue Chip Auto Glass in Phoenix, we want to provide you with the information necessary for you to make an informed and educated decision about the parts that are used to repair your damaged auto glass. The good news is that you shouldn't have to pay much more to have a quality windshield installed in your vehicle. Most auto glass companies here in Phoenix will give you a replacement quote when you call, but won't offer any information about auto glass brands or differences in quality unless you ask. Even then, the customer service representative may be elusive or skirt the issue by throwing around terms like "Original Equipment Equivalent" or "OE". It is true that all auto glass has to meet certain federal safety standards. it doesn't mean that all auto glass is created equally. Don't settle for "OE". Ask them what brand it is.

Most Phoenix auto glass company owners don't want you to know about these differences in windshield brands, because buying cheaper auto glass saves them money and increases their profit margins. They figure that if the customer never asks about the glass brand, they are free to install whatever they want. What these auto glass companies don't really understand is that quality glass really doesn't cost that much more. In most cases it is only a difference of about $5 or $10 dollars. As a business owner, doesn't it make sense to make $10 less in profit and give your customer a product you can be proud of? At Blue Chip Auto Glass, we are happy that our competition doesn't share our philosophy of offering customers the best brands available. It keeps our customers coming back.

The most significant difference in a quality windshield vs. an inferior brand is the clarity in the glass and the way it fits in the vehicle.

Have you ever looked through a piece of glass that seemed wavy or distorted? Has your vision ever been effected when looking through a piece of glass that isn't entirely clear? We've talked to countless clients that have had the experience of purchasing a poorly manufactured windshield (from another glass shop) and they are always surprised and happy to learn that they actually have a choice in the brand of auto glass that gets put into their car or truck. Auto glass that fits incorrectly can cause air noise and water leaks and can lead to damage and safety issues.

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